Veleda Press

Deasophy: Coloring Book of Goddesses .:. Spirits .:. Ancestors

Extras (with some color pictures) and commentary

The Lady of Aouanrhet in her original glory, Tassili-n-Ajjer, southeast Algeria

La Diosa de Tetitla, at Teotihuacan, Mexican Plateau

The original painting of Nammu /Tiamat (©1984 Max Dashu)

Norns of the Rune Tree (©1980 Max Dashu)

Nyx (Night), from a black-figure pot now in the NY Met

Bear Mother portal, Tlingit lodge, Alaska

BaPende Ancestral Mother carving, southern Congo

Maiden with macaws, Pottery Mound, New Mexico

Ayyyhyt of the Sakhá people, Yakutia --original painting ©1975 Max Dashu

Kali, South India, 16th century CE

Ethiopian Madonna, illuminated manuscript of the 1400s, in full color glory

Ashtart: the lions were mostly smashed, so are reconstructions

"Two drops of the Gorgon's blood" from Ion (1005) by Euripides

More on the Gnostic Serpent, Eva, and Creatrix Sophia

Coloring tip: in the larger areas, play with color blends, shadowing and patterns.