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Deasophy: Coloring Book of Goddesses .:. Spirits .:. Ancestors

Icons from the Suppressed Histories Archives, with drawings and commentary by Max Dashu


Magnificent icons from the Suppressed Histories Archives, with 50 drawings and commentary by Max Dashu. This rich collection of goddesses, spirits and ancestors from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Americas, comes through rock art and murals, sculpture, painted ceramics and codices. It includes divinities of Earth, Water, and Fire, of snakes, dragons, lions, bears, birds and spiders; trees of life, Nature spirits, chimeric animals and wild women. There are also images of Indigenous ancestral mothers and of the female Divine in Hindu, Buddhist and Christian iconography. A description and commentary appears on the reverse page of each image.

New: color pictures and commentaries

Goddesses, spirits, ancestors from the global collection of the Suppressed Histories Archives, drawn in diverse styles, bold and fine line. Improvise your own shadings and patterns. Each icon is identified on the reverse page. Enrich your understanding of the female Divine while coloring goddesses of water, fire and earth, of night and illumination, of snakes, birds, and animals. Breathe the cultural intelligence of the icons, as they unfold symbol, pattern, and story through the dreaming of art.


Water Goddess at Candi Belahan, Java

Nemesis as a griffin with her wheel of fortune














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Lady of Aouanrhet, Algeria
Bird-women, Tell Agrab, Iraq
HatHor, Egypt
Winged Goddess, Syria
Tetitla, Teotihuacán
Chak Chel, Yucatán
Nammu, Sumeria
Candi Belahan, Java
Mami Wata, Ivory Coast
Yong Gong Bian, Korea
Long Mu, China
Nanaia, Tadjikistan
Brigid, Ireland
Norns, Scandinavia
Nyx, Greece
Queen of the Night, Iraq
Mother of Nature, Eurasia
Mistress of Nature, Eurasia
Grandmother Spider, Missouri
Bear Mother, Alaska
Pele, Hawai’i
BaPende Kishikishi, Congo
Cojimies shrine, Ecuador
Poporo goddess, Colombia
Duck-women, Colombia
Parrot Maiden, New Mexico
Lady of the Geese, Greece
Atargatis, Syria
Metepec, Teotihuacan
Mayahuel, Aztec
Griffins, Aegean
Cirna, Romania
Tavu Altar, Tanimbar
Quan Am, Vietnam
Gorgon, Greece
Dziewanna, Poland
Shan Gui Gu, China
Baba Yaga, Russia
Ayyyhyt, Yakutia (North Asia)
Yemaya, Nigeria
Dakini, Begram, Afghanistan
Mariamma, south India
Kālī, south India
Yellow Tara, Tibet
‘Ashtart, Lebanon-Syria-Iraq
Black Diana, Italy
Wisdom Snake and Eve, Vatican
Ethiopian Madonna
Isis the Nubian
Prajnaparamita, Java

Shan Guì Gu, Mountain Spirit, China